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1. Open a record with OctaFX

With an OctaFX account, you can get to the unfamiliar trade market and begin exchanging. When you register, you’ll get an email with your Personal Area login subtleties, exchanging account accreditations, and every one of the important guidelines. You’ll have to log in to your Personal Area to deal with your assets, get rewards, and participate in our advancements. The exchanging account qualifications are utilized to get to the exchanging stage itself.

2. Put aside an installment

Sign in to your Personal Area to put aside an installment with no commissions. At OctaFX, you can begin exchanging with at least $35. The base store can fluctuate contingent upon your area and the installment strategy.

As indicated by the Risk Management nuts and bolts, the more finances you have, the fewer dangers you are presenting yourself to.

3. Sign in to the online stage

The electronic stage requires no establishment and permits you to exchange from any gadget whenever. On the other hand, you can download a work area rendition of the OctaFX Trading App for your Android gadget. You can look at the stages and pick the best one.

4. Begin exchanging

Open a request

To open a request, you can just choose the volume of your position and press Buy or Sell.

Essentially, you open a Buy request in the event that you anticipate that the price should go up and open a Sell request on the off chance that you anticipate that the price should go down. It implies that you purchase a specific sum at a lower value presently to sell it back at a greater cost later and acquire benefit from the value distinction.


Price direction. Buy - Sell orders

Set influence

Influence lessens peripheral prerequisites, the sum important to keep a specific position, and assists you with opening requests with a volume bigger than your equilibrium would permit in any case. Note that the higher the volume of your request, the more you acquire or lose for each pip.

Suppose, you have an exchanging account with 500 USD and a 1:500 influence applied. You choose to open a situation for 1 parcel (100,000 units) on EUR/USD when the cost is at 1.13415. The necessary edge for this position is 226.83 USD, practically 50% of your assets. Each pip development is then worth 10 USD. Subsequently, the cost just necessities to drop to 1.13145 for you to lose virtually the entirety of the cash in your record. In the event that you open a situation for 0.5 parts, each pip will cost you just 5 USD. For this situation, if the value tumbles to 1.13145, your misfortune will add up to 135 USD.

This ought to be considered when settling on an exchanging choice and assessing the expected danger of an unfavorable value variance.

Foresee the value development

As a novice, you can just track the overall heading of the cost on the outline and open Buy orders when it goes up or Sells orders when it goes down. This may not get you an ensured benefit without fail, nonetheless, it is a decent beginning for building up your procedure.

Predicting trends - Uptrend - Downtrend - Sidetrend


In the event that you have next to zero insight, it’s smarter to try not to exchange during significant news discharges, as the market will in general be profoundly unstable. Two further developed techniques for value expectation are specialized examination and crucial investigation. The essential danger the board strategies may likewise demonstrate helpful in diminishing misfortunes.

Make a benefit

There are numerous techniques that permit you to benefit from money value vacillations, for instance, scalping, martingale, supporting, news exchanging, and numerous others. Peruse our article to track down an itemized depiction of the most widely recognized procedures and pick the best one for you.

Close a request

Your request benefit varies relying upon the current market cost until the second you close it. In the event that you have a feeling that you’ve acquired generous benefit, open the Trade tab on your foundation, track down the vacant position, press on it to open a set menu, and select Close request.

Before you start

There are sure ideas and terms that are fundamental to get comfortable with. We’ve shrouded them in the How to Trade Forex article. You can likewise investigate our Education segment. It’ll assist you with extending your insight about the market when all is said in done and our administrations specifically. In the event that you want to rehearse with virtual assets prior to changing to genuine exchanging, you can open an OctaFX demo account.

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