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Terms and conditions

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These words and regulations, the terms and conditions for using a compact tricspot site can be found at https://tricspot.com/.

By accessing this website, we assume that you accept these terms. Everyone agrees that if they continue tricspot.com, the terms of this site will change.

In terms of terminology, these terms, privacy policies and terms of communication and agreement “Customer”, “you” and “you” refer to you personally for personal injury on this site and comply with the company and the terms. “Company”, “we”, “us”, “ours” and “us” refer to our company. “Baby”, “parts” or “we” refers to both the client and ourselves. The terms of approval and offered for a fee to complete the process will support the client is best suited for the proposed use to meet the requirements of consumer culture is also subject to the Netherlands. The terminology used or in other words in the singular, plural, capital letters and / or he / she or they just turns into referring to the same thing.


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The recognition of simple, tricspot and / or its licensors has intellectual property rights in all material respects tricspot.com. All intellectual property rights are reserved. To access this tricspot.com from personal use to be subject to restrictions, but these terms.


  • Publish the material tricspot.com
  • Sell sublease or license the material tricspot.com
  • to reproduce, duplicate or copy the material tricspot.com
  • redistribute the content on tricspot.com

    The agreement starts the day from there. Terms and Conditions have been created using our Privacy Policy Generator Terms and Conditions.

    After the user an opportunity to exchange views in certain areas of website information. tricspot does not filter, edit or publish it in the view of the comments before their site. Comments do not reflect the views and opinions of tricspot and agents and/or its affiliates. Anyone who comes after the opinions from the opinions in the sentences in the sentence but also refers to the opinions. Tricspot permitted to the extent applicable law is not liable to me for debts, damages caused by expenses, and/or use of distressed and/or posts and/or comments from this site.

    tricspot reserves the right to monitor all comments that remove all that may be considered inappropriate, offensive, or due to these terms.

    He also seemed to defend:

    He can either post comments on our entire site and find it necessary to licensed and subordinate. For malesuada that infringes or invades intellectual property rights, including copyright without limitation, patents or any third party trademark; + + Nam malesuada cursus in and there is also no lost reputation, some defamatory, offensive, it is not allowed other than basic and the secret of the matter which is a riot + + Comments, not One is to use or market companies or teachers presenting custom or commercial activity or permitted activities.

    In this tricspot grant non-exclusive license to use the report, edit and other senators used to multiply and edit any of you for all comments and forms or format half.

Hyperlink to Content

On his first document written without the approval of our site at:

  • Government agencies,
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations and
  • Shares online site that we in the same way as sites hyperlink football other companies and
  • A broadly accredited business system requires only non-profit organizations, charities, and charities that do not link to a website.

    These organizations to our website, in publications or another information site as long as: somehow deceive; (B) comply, no sponsorship, endorsement or approval of the bond and its products and/or services; and (c) fits within the context of the binding part of the site.

    We are looking for another who approves these requests and links types of organizations,

    • Commonly known consumer and/or business information sources;
    • dot.com urban areas;
    • charities representing other associations or groups;
    • Directory of online distributors,
    • internet portals ;
    • reasons and law firms advice; and
    • educational institutions and industry organizations.

      But if the images recited show that the link (a) or the connection will not harm us, we have our regular business (B) with the arrangement no negative records with us; (100) and good visibility of the hyperlink to us by the absence of tricspot compensated and (d) the connection information in connection with a public resource.

      These organizations, as long as our link to the page: (a) not on anything manner deceives; (B) comply, no sponsorship, endorsement or approval of the bond and its products or services; and (c) fits within the context of the binding part of the website.

      2 if any rules are reviewed on a case binding website it is important that we send the tricspot address. Please include your name, your organization name, contact information and the URL of your website to request a list of what we have been informed about how it intended to link to our website, the list of our decisions on our website that you wish to link. Waiting for a response in 2-3 weeks.

      goes to organization approved hyperlinks to our site:

      The use of the name of our business followers In Uniform Resource Locator used to link; or By using our website to link to any other description that makes sense in the contextual format and content of the party’s link to the website.

      Tricspot may not use the logo or is absent due to the link between the liberal and the license agreement a headset.


without the prior written permission and approval, as our bodies do not create web pages that in any way alter the visual presentation of our site in particular.

Content Responsibility

We are responsible for all content that does not appear on the site. I agree to protect and defend the fact that all claims on a rising site. Threshold (s) may be construed as implying that the website is obscure, obscene or criminal, or that violates, otherwise violates prejudices or books or the rights of third parties.

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Links All rights reserved or special requests take our site. Links to your entire site immediately upon request. We also reserve the right to love these policies and terms, and that’s when the bond. By linking to our site, you will comply with this connection, terms and conditions.

Website Removal Links

If you find any reason for any link in our brave, feel free to contact us and try him. However, we will consider requests to remove links that are not either directly or in response.

How does the information on this site work well, or better, they can not be imported shepherd; It is still available to promise that it does not matter when or when children are tied up.


Regarding the maximum permitted by law, we exclude all warranties and conditions that Gust puts delicatessen on the website. Nothing in this disclaimer will:

  • or reduce your debt death exclude error;
  • or reduce your debt exclude fraud, deception, falsehood;
  • or limit any of our you may be required, which is not allowed in any way falls under the law or
  • or excludes any of our hold your excluded because it is a matter of law.

    restrictions in this section prohibit disclaimer elsewhere (a) in the preceding article; and (b) originating in the disclaimer governs all liabilities, including debts or incurred in agreements, in tort law and customs offenses.

    As long as website information about the website and services is provided free of charge and will not be held liable for any loss or damage of any kind.